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Railcar Movers & Positioners

Railcar Movers & Positioners

Heyl & Patterson offers a complete line of railcar movers that provide state-of-the-art modern operation and efficiency. Without locomotive assistance, our railcar movers can be used for a variety of loading, unloading and other types of applications. These machines push or pull railcars manually or automatically, offering more unloading capabilities.

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CUB Railcar Mover

0-20 Railcars

The Heyl & Patterson CUB is a compact, capable and cost-effective mechanical drive that is custom designed to move single railcars or groups of cars with sturdy construction and safe, reliable operation. Backed by Heyl & Patterson’s experienced engineers and technicians, The CUB is environmentally sound, easy to install and operate, less costly than larger systems and requires very little maintenance. It is the ideal solution for small to mid-size loading, unloading and repositioning applications.

Train Indexers & Positioners

200+ Railcars

Heyl & Patterson’s Train Positioners & Indexers can be used for a variety of railcar handling, loading, & unloading applications for any industry. Frequently used in the handling of crude oil, frac sand, general purpose sand, ethanol, ethane, butane, minerals & waste, these machines are capable of moving a loaded train (up to 200+ cars, or a single car) for precise distances at variable speeds, and can also be used in conjunction with our Rotary Railcar Dumper. A train positioner can be retrofit into existing installations, and are used where fast automatic or semi-automatic cycle times can eliminate the need for operator intervention. Train positioners are often employed in high capacity, rotary-coupled, unit train railcar applications.