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Barge Unloading Systems

Heyl & Patterson is a leader in the engineering and fabrication of continuous barge unloading systems. In order to solve a variety of challenges experienced by many customers. Heyl & Patterson has manufactured and engineered a variety of high capacity machines. Our barge unloader makes it easy to empty barges quickly and efficiently without compromising safety or the environment. This system can be used for various purposes, including unloading coal, fertilizer, and other mineral ores.

Barge Unloading Systems offer some advantages over traditional methods of unloading mineral and agricultural products, including:

  • Increased efficiency: Heyl & Patterson’s barge unloading system is the most efficient and reliable way to unload material from a barge.
  • Hydraulically operated: Extremely reliable and required very little maintenance

Industry’s most overengineered line of Barge Unloading Systems

There are different kinds of barge unloading systems, each with their own unique design features. The most common types of barge unloading systems are:

Barge Unloading Systems

For 125 years, Heyl & Patterson has designed and constructed the most efficient, rugged and durable barge unloaders available. Materials such as coal, iron ore, grain, alumina, corn, wheat, soybean, wood chips and limestone can be successfully unloaded using our complete line of high capacity, easy-to-operate machines.

Continuous Barge Unloader

The Heyl & Patterson Continuous Barge Unloader (CBU) is designed to unload materials at free digging rates of up to 5,000 tons per hour, maintaining a much higher average offloading rate than other types of barge unloaders. The horsepower requirements are much less than pneumatic systems, making it easy to operate, and the CBU does not degrade fragile commodities.

Designed with advanced technological advancements, the continuous barge unloader is built for durability and long-term performance. With minimal downtime and maintenance requirements, Heyl & Patterson’s continuous barge unloader is a cost-effective solution for your bulk material needs.

Grab Bucket Unloader

Often referred to as “The Workhorse of the River”, Heyl & Patterson’s Grab Bucket Barge Unloader is field proven to offer maximum capacity with free digging rates of up to 1,500 tons per hour. Grab buckets can be engineered to accommodate almost any application, including dust suppression or collection systems, depending on your site requirements and can be used in complement with barge hauls.

Environmentally sound and efficient, the stationary or traveling style units are designed to minimize maintenance and downtime all while being backed by a team of experienced service technical. With capacities up to 1,500 TPH, integrated dust control systems, quick change buckets and much more, the H&P grab bucket might be your answer for all of your barge unloading needs.

If you are looking for a custom-engineered solution, Heyl & Patterson is the right choice for you.

Barge Haul

Heyl & Patterson’s Barge Haul Systems are a low-cost method of positioning barges along a river. Barge Movers are utilized in Grab Bucket Unloaders and Continuous Bucket Elevator Unloaders, as well as in bulk materials loading applications. Featuring robust construction for maximum availability and safety, these barge pullers are available for new or existing installations. They can be designed to move one barge or multiple barges at fixed or variable speeds.

Heyl & Patterson barge haul systems are used to position barges along a river at a reasonable cost. The barge pullers have a sturdy design for optimal performance and safety. They can be built to position unloading barges at fixed or variable speeds.

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The right choice for cost-effective Barge Unloading solutions

Heyl & Patterson Equipment have the best unloading system because their equipment is reliable and efficient. Their systems make it easy to unload bulk material quickly without compromising safety or the environment. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your barge unloading needs, Heyl & Patterson is the right choice.

With years of experience in the industry, Heyl & Patterson offers the most advanced and reliable barge unloading systems.

Contact us today with any inquiries regarding our services. Heyl & Patterson is your one-stop shop for all your barge unloading requirements.

Project Spotlight: Dual Slip Continuous Barge Unloader and two Barge Haul Systems

Heyl & Patterson maintains an exceptional reputation when it comes to unloading grain barges on the Lower Mississippi River, having 12 Continuous Barge Unloaders (CBUs) operating 24/7 for the likes of ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Louis-Dreyfus Commodities, ZenNoh and CHS.

In June of 2022, Heyl & Patterson was awarded a significant project in Destrehan, Louisiana, for a new Dual Slip Continuous Barge Unloader (CBU) and two Barge Haul Systems. We are currently in the engineering phase of this project and will see it make its way to installation by mid-2024. The CBU will increase the terminal’s unloading capacity by more than 100 percent.

Existing CBU capacities range from 80,000 to 100,000 bushels per hour. This unloader will be designed to unload grains from 2,400-ton river barges while maintaining a free-digging capacity of up to 120,000 bushels per hour. This dual slip design allows continuous, uninterrupted unloading to maximize productivity and efficiency, allowing operation to occur at all river elevations. There will be one barge haul system for each slip, two in total. Our general scope of supply includes the CBU, the barge hauls, dust collection (zipper duct and baghouse), the building that encloses the unloader, and all state-of-the-art electrical and automation equipment that brings the machine to life.

These machines are built to last, so new CBU opportunities are rare. Heyl & Patterson intends to make this new unloader the largest, highest-capacity machine on the river.