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When it comes to size reduction equipment, the hammermill is a workhorse. Heyl & Patterson Hammermill machines can handle various materials, making them the perfect choice for multiple applications.

What is a hammermill machine?

Hammermill machines pulverize or crush materials down into smaller pieces. It consists of a rotating shaft with free-swinging hammers. The hammers break up the materials until they are small enough for passage through a screen with openings to match the particle size of the material.

The H&P Hammermill

You don’t have to worry about frozen or oversized materials hampering your Railcar Rotary Dumper unloading process with the Heyl & Patterson Hammermill. Our hammermills remove frozen materials from grizzlies and grates without expensive crushing equipment. It is safe, rugged, and energy efficient.

We designed a grizzly with a blunt head hammer pivot-pinned on the rotary shaft, capable of crushing even the most complex frozen coal. Hammerheads are positioned to maximize crushing across the entire grizzly. As the Hammermill incorporates separate drives for its rotary shaft and traverse drive, it can be used to break up oversized materials while simultaneously cleaning the grate under your dumper.

Whether a new installation or an existing facility, the Hammermill can be integrated into Rotary Dumpers manufactured by other companies and Heyl & Patterson-designed machines, including:

Railcar Unloading System

Known as wagon tipplers in some parts of the world, Heyl & Patterson Railcar Dumpers provide efficient unloading of railcars. Additionally, a hammermill for clearing clumped or frozen materials and customized single and tandem barrel dumpers.

Turnover Dumper

With its shallower dumping pits and faster construction schedules, the turnover railcar dumper is ideal for low- to moderate-volume applications.

Rotary Car Dumper

The H&P rotary railcar dumper is the ideal choice for the high-speed dumping of rotary-coupled railcars. Heyl & Patterson’s Rotary Car Dumper can process 10,000 plus tons per hour with cycles as fast as 90 seconds per car.

C-Shaped Rotary Dumper

A C-shaped Rotary Dumper from Heyl & Patterson is commonly used at sites requiring high-speed dumping of random, rotary, and non-rotary coupled vehicles. The C-shaped Rotary Dumper combines low power consumption with fast cycle times and fully positioned access to achieve maximum productivity.

Engineered and constructed with expert attention to detail

We can help you find the perfect machine for your needs and budget, and we offer competitive pricing on all our products. Being in the industry since 1887, we know what it takes to make an excellent hammermill machine.

At Heyl & Patterson, we offer custom solutions that can be tailored to your specific application. Contact us today if you’re looking for a reliable and durable hammermill. We would be happy to help you find the perfect machine for your needs.