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Your Trusted Partner, After the Sale

At Heyl & Patterson, our relationship and commitment to you is just getting started when the sale is completed. We offer a wide array of Aftermarket Services to support all of your material handling needs after the purchase of your equipment.

For regular updates about Aftermarket upgrades on bulk material handling equipment, our company and the industries we serve, be sure to read the Heyl & Patterson Blog.

Heyl & Patterson Equipment Inspection Services

Bulk Parts & Upgrades

Heyl & Patterson offers a complete line of replacement parts & upgrades, whether the product was manufactured by Heyl & Patterson or another manufacturer. No matter what your specific needs are, you can count on the upgrades and part designs you need to elevate your performance and efficiency to levels that also save you time and money and more your work environment safer.

For regular updates about aftermarket upgrades to bulk material handling and thermal processing equipment, our compnay and the industries we serve, be sure to read the Heyl & Patterson Blog.


Heyl & Patterson Field Services


At Heyl & Patterson, we offer a wide array of visual, mechanical and structural inspections, complete advisory services and engineering studies to support all of your needs after purchase of any piece of equipment. Heyl & Patterson has what you need to keep your operations running smoothly.


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