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Bulk Parts and Upgrades | Heyl & Patterson Inc.

Aftermarket Division


Bulk Parts and Upgrades

At Heyl & Patterson we offer a complete line of replacement parts and upgrades, whether the product was manufactured by Heyl & Patterson or another manufacturer. No matter what your specific needs are, you can count on the upgrades and part designs you need to elevate your performance and efficiency to levels that also save you time and money and make your work environment safer.

All of our part and upgrades feature something else - extended component life that provides for lower maintenance and less downtime. It’s what you should expect from an industry leader and what you can always expect form Heyl & Patterson.

Railcar Unloader Upgrades

Railcar Unloader Upgrades

Heyl & Patterson’s Dumper Upgrades offer a robust solution for converting your existing dumper into one capable of handling heavier loads easily and more securely. They also allow you to better plan and provide capital expense efficiencies through “selective parts” replacement.

Our Dumper Upgrades provide a top-to-bottom package of field-tested enhancements you can make a once, or as necessary to accommodate heavier loads with greater reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Our innovative designs also enable weight to be spread more uniformly, decreasing the potential for problems, while extending dumper life – even more critical than ever with the growing use of heavier unit-trains. Heyl & Patterson offers both mechanical and electrical upgrades for dumpers.

Barge Unloader Upgrades

Barge Unloader Upgrades

When you need a safe, reliable and versatile system for bulk handling, look no further than Heyl & Patterson’s Continuous Barge Unloaders (CBU). Featuring elevated performance and efficiency levels, our CBU offers extended component life and greater system longevity through its progressive design and operation.

Our CBU also provides lower overall maintenance costs and downtime with readily available parts. And with maximized off-loading capabilities over a wide range of materials our CBU incorporates integral mechanical and electrical advancements to keep your business moving.