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Thermal Processing Equipment | Heyl & Patterson Inc. Renneburg Division

Renneburg Division

Your Trusted Partner for Thermal Processing Solutions

When it comes to experience, innovation and engineered solutions, no other thermal processing equipment manufacturer creates and delivers greater trust than Heyl & Patterson. Our dedication to creating superior products, while providing trusted serviceability for our customers, spans the decades we've been doing business.

With vast experience designing and manufacturing custom built fluid bed dryers, rotary dryers, coolers, calciners and pyroprocessing equipment, Heyl & Patterson's Renneburg Division has long been an industry leader.

Understanding our customer's needs, we take into consideration many factors when designing the right solution, including particle size, material handling characteristics, heat sensitivity and space limitations. We use our expertise and our pilot plant capabilities to create technologically advanced, environmentally sound, energy efficient and accurate solutions that meet and exceed your application requirements. Our solutions are cost-effective and include built in safety features while being tailored to your specific needs.

Trust. It's the term that describes Heyl & Patterson's commitment to quality, reliability, serviceability and budget-ability when you need the best thermal processing solution for your business. And it doesn't hurt when trust comes with industry innovation that's second to none.

For regular updates about Renneburg thermal processing equipment, our company and the industries we serve, be sure to read the Heyl & Patterson Blog.

Dryers and Coolers

Dryers and Coolers

Heyl & Patterson offers a complete selection of high efficiency industrial dryers and coolers. Whether it's a fluid bed dryer to process free-flowing bulk solids, or a rotary dryer to handle a broad range of materials, we can design the right equipment to meet your needs based on our experience and pilot plant testing. We are experienced providers of some of the largest units in the world, providing both direct and indirect heat transfer systems.

  • Rotary Dryers
  • Fluid Bed Dryers
  • Flash Dryers
  • Rotary Coolers
  • Fluid Bed Coolers
  • Flash Coolers

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Heyl & Patterson is capable of handling all calcining needs, with equipment featuring efficient high temperature processing, controlled environments, large throughput, electric or fuel heat transfer, zoned temperature control, chemical reactions and thermal desorption.

  • Rotary Calciners
  • Fluid Bed Calciners

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Thermal Processors


In addition to dryers, coolers and calciners, Heyl & Patterson provides equipment for delumping, pressing, dewatering, granulating, agglomerating, refining and milling. Pilot plant facilities are available for most equipment.

  • MultiDisc Thermal Processor
  • Agglomerator Granulators
  • Screw Presses
  • Chain Flail Mills
  • Pug Mill Mixers

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Laboratory Tests

At Heyl & Patterson, we understand that thermal processing equipment such as Dryers, Coolers and Calciners represent a significant investment for any company. That’s why we pride ourselves on our reliable research and laboratory testing that is second to no one in the industry

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Toll Processing

Using our Pilot Plant Testing Lab at Heyl & Patterson, we can test your thermal processing product under a variety of working conditions. Available in-house or on-site at your location, our Toll Processing is available to help you optimize peak efficiency and performance or your thermal processing equipment.

“Our operations needed to save time and money, not only with the operation of our system but also within the timeframe of our accelerated construction schedule; Heyl & Patterson not only delivered, they did so with a solution and ongoing service that makes them one of our most valued and trusted partners.”
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