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Railcar Unloader Upgrades | Heyl & Patterson Inc.

Aftermarket Division


Railcar Unloader Upgrades

Mechanical Upgrades

Heyl & Patterson’s mechanical upgrades increase Railcar Dumper reliability where it matters most. With machinery made tougher to withstand the rigor of processing heavier cars, Heyl & Patterson is a step ahead with the only built-in-scale earning NTEP certification. Our full line of upgrades includes:

Platen – Weigh scale that’s National Testing and Evaluation Program (NTEP) certified.

Spill Girder – Provides a more even weight dispersal to protect cars and prevent damage.

Equalized Trunnions – Offer less stress, reduced wear and increased life expectancy.

Dust Collection/Suppression – We offer a variety of systems to accommodate your individual needs.

Bottom Dump Conversion – When required, it provides a modified platen for bottom-dumping flexibility.

Dumper Over-Travel Bumpers – Cushion impact in over-travel situations.

Autolube Systems – Insures constant lubrication.

Wheel Chock – Redesigned to fit your needs.

Anti-Rotation Lock Outs – Positively secures dumper against rotation during maintenance.

Drive Upgrades – Advanced, single-reducer design that’s simplified with fewer moving parts for greater reliability.

Redesigned Hydraulic Clamps – Increased reliability.

Chain – More robust chain, chain anchors and sprockets.

Split-Sheave – Easier to replace, less down time.

Chain Anchor – Redesigned for better performance and increased chain life.

Spring – Revamped to handle heavier cars.

Re-Engineered Positioner Head – Incorporates simpler head design that is inexpensive to replace.

Equalized Positioner Wheels – Extends life of positioner runway.

Disc Brakes – Ultramodern design allows for predictable and steadfast execution.

Hydraulics – Leading-edge technology and functionality.

Electrical Upgrades

Heyl & Patterson’s electrical upgrades are wired for peak Railcar Dumper performance. Providing improved multiple components for heightened throughout, smoother operation and reduced wear, with added safety features, our available components include:

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) – Increases the life-span of electrical/mechanical components to dramatically extend motor operation.

Programmable Controllers – Offers optimum precision and safety at every command phase.

Tagline Sensor – Intuitively senses integrity of Railcar Clamping

Tag Reader – Creates a computerized manifest documenting all car

SKU specifics – Instantly detects wrong-way cars to prevent coupling breakage.

Platen Weigh Scale retrofit – Model dependent.

Closed-Circuit Monitoring/Historian – Problem tracking/performance evaluation profoundly enhanced through cameras/applications that document operating adequacy and efficiency.