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Green Sustainability Policy | Heyl & Patterson Inc.

Green Policy


At Heyl & Patterson, being green is more than just a catchword. We see our green policy, or “sustainability,” as an important opportunity to better our environment for future generations. As an industrial manufacturer, we believe we have a unique responsibility and opportunity to be a better steward of our resources and better determine how they are used within the environment we all live in. We welcome your part in helping green sustainability to become a reality for us all.

Sustainability In Practice

Whether it is recycling, remote diagnostics, shipping, planning, marshalling, waste heat utilization, regenerative brakes or other forms of energy savings, we care about our environment. Our opportunity to become a better company and custodian of our environment requires that we be highly introspective – examining every facet of what we do, how we do it and what we leave behind —from the products we offer to the energy we use — all through the lens of greenability. Three areas in which we strive to put our green policy in action include:

  1. Health & Safety: To demonstrate that we care about our customers, suppliers and employees, we work to incorporate health and safety into our equipment. As always, we welcome suggestions for improvement.
  2. Energy Efficiency: We strive for energy-efficient designs and endeavor to incorporate our customers' specific energy options into the equipment we custom engineer for them, including but not limited to, recycling, waste heat utilization, alternative energy sources and biomass co-firing.
  3. Remediation: Some of our equipment can help our customers remediate environmental issues as well as increase or improve production, including soil remediation and sludge drying.

At Heyl & Patterson, our long-term goal is to do our part to ensure that sustainability becomes a standard consideration and practice for our company and our valued customers and partners.