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Frequently Asked Questions | Heyl & Patterson Inc.


How much production capacity can I achieve?

Since all machinery is custom designed, the only limitations often are the capacity of the feed or take away conveyor. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What is the delivery time of your equipment?

Deliveries range up to 12 months. However, accommodation can be made for a client’s special needs. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

How long of a train can be handled?

By utilizing our experienced team of engineers, custom design is included for trains now reaching up to 150- 200 cars in length.

Can Heyl & Patterson replace another manufacturer’s equipment?

Yes. H&P has replaced many machines that were designed and built by other companies. Our primary goal on such projects is to minimize disruptions to the client’s operations.

What’s the best machinery choice for our operation?

Contact us to discuss your needs.

How frequently should we have our machine inspected?

We recommend an annual inspection program.

When should we have our machine inspected?

At least 8-12 weeks before your outage to allow for ordering and delivery of critical parts which could be identified during the inspection.