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Rotary Railcar Dumper Increases Coal Unloading Capacity

Applies To:

Bulk Transfer Division

Heyl & Patterson has worked with coal-dependent power companies to bolster their bulk material transfer technology for 125 years.

Recently, an Arizona-based power plant needed an efficient and cost-effective way to unload mass quantities of coal from its rail cars.  Heyl & Patterson’s Bulk Transfer Division created a customized solution that met their client’s particular needs.  With the Heyl & Patterson system in place, the power plant can now unload cars at a rate of 30 per hour, significantly exceeding their former rates.

Heyl & Patterson offers a wide array of products that can be custom engineered.  The initial stages of working with the power plant involved consultations so that the correct machinery could be selected to suit their specifications.

The engineers equipped them with a rack and pinion unit train rotary dumper with mechanical beam clamps.  Heyl & Patterson also offers an aluminum car body-friendly hydraulic clamping system as an alternative.  Additionally, the power plant was outfitted with a 135-car rope train positioning system, as well as one of Heyl & Patterson’s robust and reliable hammermills.

The efficiency of the Heyl & Patterson system, coupled with the decrease in liability for the client’s employees, resulted in considerable financial savings.

Heyl & Patterson worked with the power plant through coast-to-coast communication to craft a common vision for their coal transfer needs. They had the foresight to anticipate their clients’ needs and the flexibility to evolve with changing demands throughout the course of the project.

Affordable and effective, Heyl & Patterson has been performing to a higher standard since 1887.