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Rotary Railcar Dumpers, Railcar Movers, Barge Unloaders | Heyl & Patterson Inc. Bulk Transfer Division

Bulk Transfer Division

The Trusted Partner That Keeps You In Motion

When your business relies upon how well you move or unload railcar or barges loaded with coal, iron ore, grain, or other bulk commodities at your locations, you don’t need to worry about how efficiently the process is completed. You need a partner you can trust to get the job done.

Heyl & Patterson’s Bulk Transfer Division custom designs and manufactures specialized bulk material handling equipment that keeps business moving and unloading. Our products include rotary railcar dumpers, continuous bucket barge unloaders, grab bucket barge unloaders and railcar movers that perform in even the harshest conditions, such as frozen railcar unloading. We lead the industry in innovation - with robust design and easy-to-erect components.

Heyl & Patterson’s solutions are also cost-effective, energy efficient and include built in safety features while being tailored to your specific needs - with multiple mechanical and electrical drive options.

Trust. It’s the term that describes Heyl & Patterson’s commitment to quality, reliability, serviceability and budget-ability when you need to keep your business moving. And it doesn’t hurt when trust comes with industry innovation that’s second to none.

For regular updates about the Bulk Transfer Division's equipment, our company and the industries we serve, be sure to read the Heyl & Patterson Blog.

Railcar Unloaders

Rotary Railcar Dumpers

Heyl & Patterson rotary railcar dumpers (known as wagon tipplers in some parts of the world) are equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities and built-in flexibility, for efficient railcar unloading. Customizable options are available, such as an NTEP Certified* weigh scale, a hammermill that clears clumped or frozen material, and single and tandem barrel dumpers. Heyl & Patterson’s Railcar Dumper Unloading Systems will keep your business flowing with efficiency.

* NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) is a strict product certification standard administered by the National Conference on Weights and Measures, and is the process for testing and evaluation of weighing equipment.

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Railcar Unloaders

Railcar Dumper Equipment Options

Heyl & Patterson understands that each of its customer’s on-site requirements are unique. That’s why it offers a wide array of ancillary products designed to meet and exceed its customers most challenging demands. Our ancillary line of equipment includes:

  • In-Platen Weigh Scales
  • Hammermill
  • Train Holding Devices
  • Car Retarders
  • Car Ejectors

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Railcar Unloaders

Railcar Movers & Barge Movers

Heyl & Patterson offers a complete line of railcar movers and barge movers that provide state-of-the-art modern operation and efficiency. Without locomotive or tugboat assistance, our railcar and barge movers can can be used for a variety of loading, unloading and other types of applications. These machines push or pull railcars and barges manually or automatically, offering more unloading capabilities.

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Railcar Unloaders

Barge Unloaders

For 125 years, Heyl & Patterson has designed and constructed the most efficient, rugged and durable barge unloaders available. Materials such as coal, iron ore, grain, alumina, corn, wheat, soybean, wood chips and limestone can be successfully unloaded using our complete line of high capacity, easy-to-operate machines.

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“Heyl & Patterson didn’t just manufacture and engineer our system—they became a trusted partner in our operations—with a dedication and commitment to excellence that for our business was second to none.”
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