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Barge Unloader Upgrades | Heyl & Patterson Inc.

Aftermarket Division


Barge Unloader Upgrades

Mechanical Upgrades

Heyl & Patterson’s mechanical upgrades increase and significantly enhance wear life and decrease downtime. Unloader integrity and dependability is crucial to your job’s productivity. Our complete line of modifications include:

Equalized Trolley Wheels – Reduce wheel loads by 50%, thereby reducing stress and promoting longer life.

Buckets – Our efficient product-specific designs include stronger materials that wear better.

Auto–Lube System – Environmentally friendly, our system lubricates more consistently and safely with “green” lubricants currently available.

Trolley Rack Rope Take-Up Device Ratchet – Redesigned for greater efficiency unloader movement.

Flex Nose Flexible Spring Assembly – Upgraded heavy-duty shock absorbing system.

Return Chute Wear Pads – Able to endure higher abrasion levels, thereby enabling longer life.

Tail and Pivot Shaft – Includes Timken heavy-duty AP bearings.

Pivot Shaft Take-Ups – Now available.

Trolley Drive Shaft – Our revamped style extends service performance of your unloader.

Chain Rollers – An upgraded design, with better seals and rebuildable/replaceable components.

Service Crane Retro Fit – Enlarged to accommodate 1a 0 to 15-ton capacity.

Drive Upgrades, which include:

  • Complete upgraded boom replacement
  • Replaceable tooth sprockets change teeth and not the whole sproket. Teeth can be purchased separately.
  • Chain degreaseable or permanently greased design available.
  • Head shaft design is improved in composition and profile
  • Bucket drive gear case upgrade, auto-lube on pinion/intermediate gears
  • Drive pinion support structures upgraded design

Electrical Upgrades

Heyl & Patterson’s CBU electrical upgrades are energized for economy and efficiency. With improvements that reduce maintenance time and costs, provide greater performance output and smoother operation – our electrical upgrades can further extend the service life of your CBU. Our complete line of upgrades include

Control Upgrades – Featuring:

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to increase the lifespan of electrical/mechanical components to dramatically extend motor operation
  • Operator Control trimming of unloading speed
  • Control Cab HMI to monitor drive data
  • Digital drives in AC or DC combination
  • Control upgrade
  • Digital signal processor to coordinate each drive for peak performance and operation

Fiber Optic Cabling – For motor drives.

Digital-Based Data Collection and Troubleshooting and Remote Monitoring – Intuitive software control automatically assesses and addresses system/machine alerts and errors.

Boom Hoist VFD

Trolley Auto Sweep Control

Barge Haul Control VFD

Positioner Stem Slack-Rope Switch

Disc Brakes – For Barge Haul, Trolley, Boom Hoist and Bucket Drive

Closed Circuit Monitoring Historian – Problem-tracking/performance evaluation through cameras that document operating conditions.