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Railcar Dumper Hammermills & Weigh Scales | Heyl & Patterson Inc.

Bulk Transfer Division


Railcar Dumper Equipment Options


Hammermill for breaking up clumps of bulk material

Heyl & Patterson’s hammermill can reduce downtime caused by frozen or oversized material. With a rugged and energy-efficient design, the traveling Hammermill clears frozen material from grates or grizzlies by traversing the hopper beneath the car dumper. Adaptable into a new installation or existing facility, the Hammermill can even be installed on other manufacturer’s’ rotary car dumpers without excessive downtime for installation, and with fuel efficiency and cost savings unmatched by the competition. Uses our Hammermill is also more environmentally friendly than using anti-freezing chemicals and it’s safer because it eliminates the need of having your personnel working on top of the grizzly to clear frozen debris.

In-Platen Weigh Scales

Rotary Car Dumper - Faster and More Efficient

Heyl & Patterson’s in-platen weigh scales can be installed into new dumper systems or retrofitted into some existing dumpers. Designed to record the weight of each railcar and its contents, they use the latest technological innovations for up-to-date reliability and ease of operation.

Weights for all cars are recorded automatically, without impact on cycle time for accuracy tolerances, to NTEP specifications. Heyl & Patterson is proud to offer the only in-platen NTEP-certified weigh scale on the marketplace. NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) is a strict product certification standard administered by the National Conference on Weights and Measures, and is the process for testing and evaluation of weighing equipment.

Train Holding Devices

Heyl & Patterson’s train holding devices keep railcars secure during the dumping cycle. This is especially useful anywhere that automatic and semi-automatic dumper operations are required, for use with both empty and loaded railcars.

Heyl & Patterson offers three different styles of train holding devices for different conditions and applications.

  • Wheel Chocks - perfect holding device for level track conditions
  • Tuck Positioning Chocks - used when grade or curve friction factors affect accurate car position
  • Holding Arms - recommended where extreme gravitational forces are dominant

Car Retarders

Heyl & Patterson’s Car Retarders provide precise, secure and reliable control when fast moving random car dumping operations create their own momentum. A Car Retarder can utilize plant air or can be outfitted with its own compressor.

Car Ejectors

Heyl & Patterson’s Car Ejectors move cars quickly out of the dumper, without the jarring impact and increased wear and tear of conventional bump out methods. Ejectors can also be used effectively as both loaded and empty car feeders.