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Aftermarket Division



Your Trusted Partner, Even After The Sale

Heyl & Patterson offers a wide array of Services to support all of your needs after purchase of any piece of equipment for the remainder of its operational life. From visual, mechanical and structural inspections to complete field service and engineering studies, Heyl & Patterson has what you need to keep your operations running smoothly.


At Heyl & Patterson, we understand how costly a breakdown can be. That’s why we offer a complete array of inspection services designed to keep you running at peak performance. From visual, mechanical and structural inspections to electrical evaluations, our qualified inspections team can help keep your equipment and your operations running efficiently.

We take the time to review your previous inspections and document the current conditions of components for adjustment, maintenance, monitoring and/or replacement. Our comprehensive inspection program uses a four-part process for all inspection and includes:

  1. A review of your inspection history and maintenance program with a listing of recommended spares in your inventory, including problems and concerns you may have.
  2. An in-depth visual inspection of mechanical components and structural integrity, with emphasis on critical adjustments and key components. We can also perform an engineering study to determine what upgrade options are available.
  3. Observation of normal operating conditions to pinpoint any issues of concern and recommend required tune-ups.
  4. A handwritten report that outlines the inspection evaluations, with a more formal follow-up report that clearly and concisely explains what was inspected, with any problem and supporting recommendation to correct specific problems.

If necessary, a complete engineering study can be performed after the inspection, to compare current operating realities with the original design of the equipment.


Field Service

Heyl & Patterson has provided advanced field services for more than a century, with consulting on parts installations, outage planning, maintenance recommendations, comprehensive upgrades and start-up assistance. With the goal of extending the life of your machinery, our advisors can provide onsite mechanical, structural and electrical inspections to help you maximize efficiency, productivity and safety.

When you call on Heyl & Patterson, you get:

  • Objective evaluations of existing equipment through formal onsite inspections. With engineering studies and upgrades, analysis and our recommendations on tune-ups and maintenance adjustments will help you achieve peak electrical, mechanical and structural operating efficiency.
  • Notice of the latest upgrades available for your equipment and their related cost-effectiveness.
  • Information on price and availability of our replacements parts, equipment upgrades and/or new equipment.
  • Engineered solutions to maximize production, minimize operating costs, reduce energy, reduce operating personnel and increase safety of your operations.


Engineering Studies

Heyl & Patterson offers expert field engineering services and studies to help you monitor and maintain the peak operating performance and reliability, as well as the service life, of your equipment.

When it comes to new equipment, our engineering design team will work closely with you to understand and address your needs, technical issues and onsite problems specific to your operations. We also help you determine long-term production goals so that the equipment you purchase will still meet your needs in the years to come.

Heyl & Patterson can also ascertain your existing equipment conditions and capabilities, no mater if was manufactured by us or someone else, and regardless of whether you plan to upgrade, overhaul, retrofit or extend the life of your equipment. With a detailed engineering study from Heyl & Patterson, we can help you better determine the parameters of a possible upgrade and provide valuable recommendations for upgrades or life extensions, along with detailed cost estimates and projections.

Engineering evaluations of your existing equipment’s carbon footprint can also determine the environmental impact of your operations.